The world that I saw through human eyes... I want to give that world to you, my love.

Alina Ciardha to Adam Ciardha, Untainted

Alina Parvana is the main protagonist of the Uncharted trilogy. She is a student of Arcadia Academy's Nightwatch, and considered to be a great advantage to other members of the Nightwatch since her blood attracts vampires. She is later revealed to be the Pureblood Princess of the Ciardha family and is able to reawaken her vampire status by Adam Ciardha, subsequently becoming Alina Ciardha, the Chouthir of the Vampire Society. Following this, she leaves Arcadia Academy all the while maintaing the peace of co-existence between the humans, the Nightwatch and the Vampire Society.

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  • The name Alina means "light" in Greek; and Ciardha means "black" in Gaelic. Her assumed surname, Parvana, means "butterfly" in Iranian.

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